chanyeol finally gets it off his chest

Why am I not dead yet?? (;-_-)/


I won't make you wait for too long.
I'll be right there by your side, Jongin.

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[FIC REC] Heartlines


  • Author : Sugarystatic 
  • Pairing : Kris/Kyungsoo
  • Rating : pg
  • wc : 4200+ w

      the company gave them an ultimatum: end the affair or risk expulsion.

words cant describe how i love this fic.. T___T one of my favest krisoo fic (lol what is english).. the mix between angst and fluffy r so heartwarming. ;A;

to the perfection, indeed..

(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)♡

EXO: EXO: The Real & The Fake


"Yes it’s true EXO-M is much closer in relationship than EXO-K. Absolutely true that the Chinese member stick together, because of being bullied and such by other trainees and SM staff."

The biggest difference between the two is that the Chinese members were much more open to accepting the…


EXO KaiSoo (Kai & D.O.) - Once Again Movie Trailer

Hi fellow Kaisoo shippers! I made a fake movie trailer about our sexy OTP, KaixKyungsoo! I hope you like it. You can also watch my other fake movie trailers. :) Enjoy!


;anterograde tomorrow // daisies [kaisoo] (by chanyeolism)

Just in case you got by really well and was emotionally adjusted today.

…. This just… kill me ;; <3

'Jiao Yang, promise me, no matter what happen in the future, you  will stay by my side'

And here it is, Godfrey Gao tries to trick you to be in a relationship with him, how many will say yes?